The Premier Foundation has been blessed to have the opportunity to serve people across the globe through the help of our partners and supporters like you. Read how we have impacted lives below.


The partnership between the Premier Foundation, K-LOVE and Air 1 continues to be a blessing to everyone touched by these ministries. Over 5-million listeners each week hear the truth of Jesus, through Christian music, commentaries and on-air promotions, all focused on His love and grace. There are but a few I would trust with the ministries of K-LOVE and Air 1; the Premier Foundation tops that list.

- Mike Novak, CEO Emeritus of K-LOVE/AIR 1

Premier puts the gospel into action

The first thing I observed when I saw the Premier Foundation in action was this - The Premier Foundation spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ and puts the gospel into action.

The Premier Foundation has transformed the James Fund's ability to serve orphans who are in distress. The Premier Foundation, through partnership and direct contribution, has helped the James Fund rescue orphans from poverty and slavery, enabled us to build homes for orphans who had previously slept in the streets, and equipped us with the financial resources we need to care for the physical needs of orphans all over the world.

The Premier Foundation stretches every day to be certain the gospel is real, that orphans are being rescued, and that lives are being changed with the love offered by Jesus Christ. My prayer is that God will strengthen the Premier Foundation because they labor to strengthen so many more.

- Steve Biondo, Steve Biondo, President, Tim Tebow Foundation

Thank you for not taking your eyes off the poor.

I am thrilled to be involved with the Premier Foundation in many capacities because they support charities who are living out our true religion. Thank you Premier for not taking your eyes off of the poor. It's beautiful.

- Candace Cameron Bure, Actress

Thank you for your service and your mission to further the kingdom.

I am a missionary and I know at times I get tired and get discouraged but God always gives me what I need to keep going. I want you all to know that I will be praying for you and your ministry. Keep on keeping on!

- Kathryn H., 2018 K-LOVE Cruise Mission Excursion Participant

how God envisions Christians serving together...

Vacationers seldom plan their cruise visits to Cozumel, Mexico, with Christian service on their minds. That was the surprise when Ciudad de Ángeles, an orphanage located on the island of Cozumel since 2002, received its first inquiry from the Premier Foundation to organize a day of service. Now, several years later, Ciudad de Ángeles has benefited greatly from this collaboration - including the coordination of funding, delivery and installation of a full playground, several art demonstrations and classes for our children by Jared Emerson, and combined luncheons and entertainment between cruise visitors and staff with the children we serve. The hearts of the Premier Foundation staff even spilled outside the walls of the orphanage to find ways to support the development of the impoverished local community. The collaboration between Ciudad de Ángeles and the Premier Foundation is surely how God envisions Christians serving together to meet the needs of the less fortunate. Ciudad de Angeles cannot say thank you enough to this fine organization, its staff, and our Christian friends and visitors.

- Gary Gardner, Founder, Ciudad de Angeles, Inc.

The Premier Foundation has been "God's hand extended."

It has made a tremendous difference in the lives of over 400 children who have existed without a playing field at the Free Hill Primary School in St. Mary, Jamaica. This year, the Foundation provided the school with much-needed state-of-the-art play equipment, which transformed the landscape of the school and its environment. The equipment was not just provided, but members of the Foundation physically worked along with members of the community for the installation. Additionally, they ensured the security of the area by erecting a perimeter chain-linked fence. To date, student attendance has improved by more than 30% and enrollment is climbing steadily. May God continue to bless the Foundation as it continues to touch the lives of the less fortunate.

- Martin Murphy, Principal of Free Hill Primary & Infant School in St. Mary, Jamaica

Thank you for making a difference.

Thank you for making this opportunity possible. Don’t stop, keep refining, make a difference. You’re awesome.

- Robert V., 2018 K-LOVE Cruise Mission Excursion Participant

It's a joy to work with the Premier Foundation

When you find another organization that shares your passion to make an impact for Christ in the world you want to work with them....over the past few years we have found that partner in the Premier Foundation. What a joy it has been to bring a smile, the sound of laughter and heart of joy to families around the world through the gift of a playground, working side by side to get it done....that's the way you get things done! Thanks Premier!

- Jim Rosene, President, Kids Around the World

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Through the years, the Premier Foundation's acts of kindness have made a significant difference to Bilney Lane Children’s Home. The giving of your time and money makes things so much easier on the faculty and institution. We thank our loving Father for blessing our home with a BIG HEART that the Premier Foundation has. You will always be in the hearts of the children and staff at Bilney Lane Children’s Home.

- Olive Major, Administrator, Bilney Lane Children's Home

We will never forget the people we served!

My husband and I will never forget our team and the people we served.

- Laura H., 2018 K-LOVE Cruise Mission Excursion Participant


The Mission Excursion was the highlight of our K-LOVE Cruise!

- Tammy B., 2019 K-LOVE Cruise Mission Excursion Participant