Premier Foundation Joins Forces with Purple Heart Homes to Change the Life of a Veteran

The Golden Corner Chapter of Purple Heart Homes and the Premier Foundation are teaming up to remodel the home of a female Army Veteran in Greenville.  The mobile home of Diana Cox needs to be completely remodeled due to a leaking roof and rotting floors.

The Premier Foundation has already contracted for the replacement of the roof, through the generous support of Reeves Construction.  The major remodeling will take place June 16-18.  Volunteers from the two organizations will cooperate in replacing the floors and completely remodeling the kitchen and one bathroom.

WHO: Spokespeople available for interviews include:

  • Diana Cox, Veteran: 864-561-7111
  • Gene Krcelic, Premier Foundation: 864-505-5354 or
  • Larry Druffel, Purple Heart Homes Golden Corner Chapter: 864-710-7202

WHERE:  614 Centre Blvd., Greenville, SC

WHEN:  June 16-18, 2016

TO HELP:  We need YOU!  Sign up to volunteer here.

About the Premier Foundation

Since inception in 1998, the Premier Foundation has granted over $4,000,000 to impact lives worldwide.  It is an organization committed to being a voice for the disadvantaged and exists to love and serve the impoverished by meeting their physical, spiritual, educational, social and emotional needs; therefore, empowering them to be agents of change in their own communities.

Headquartered in South Carolina, the Premier Foundation’s unique success stems from a willingness to meet the needs of others regardless of who gets the credit.  Aligning with various ministries, charities, Christian concerts and events worldwide as well as strategic partnerships with artists and athletes has allowed the Foundation to multiply their resources in order to reach remote corners of the world.

Listed are just a few of the places where the Premier Foundation’s impact has been felt: Cozumel, Mexico (Ciudad de Angeles Children’s Home); Free Hill, Jamaica (Free Hill Primary & Infant School); Detroit, Michigan (K-LOVE Hope Center); Nairobi, Kenya (World Hope Academy); Nassau, Bahamas (Bilney Lane Children’s Home); and New Orleans (Mount Nebo Bible Baptist Church).

About Purple Heart Homes

Purple Heart Homes (PHH) was founded by two Army Veterans who were severely injured in Iraq in an IED explosion. In 2008, after recovering from their injuries, they established PHH.

PHH differentiates itself from other Veteran Service Organizations in a number of ways:

  • It is co-founded by two combat-wounded Iraq Veterans.
  • It provides housing solutions to all generations of qualified Service Connected Disabled Veterans.
  • It enables and encourages communities to form chapters to support their local Veterans.
  • Purple Heart Homes provides Service Connected Disabled Veterans with the dream of home ownership – a hand up, not a hand out.
  • Purple Heart Homes renovates homes for veterans that own their own homes.
  • It offers a comprehensive mentor program that serves the Veteran, the Caregiver and Family members.
  • PHH provides the community a way to show their appreciation.

The Golden Corner Chapter was started in 2013 to demonstrate the mechanisms to expand the PHH reach nationwide. Chapters are focused on Veterans Aging in Place to help make deserving veterans’ homes safer and more accessible.  The Golden Corner Chapter is based in Oconee County and serves veterans in the SC Upstate.