Foundation Receives Birthday Gift from Young Donor

The Premier Foundation and it’s Adopt the Block program have received a financial gift from an unlikely donor. Six-year-old Lydia Yarbrough, from Lodi, California, made a $675 gift as a way to show her support and love for a charitable project in Free Hill, Jamaica. Instead of having a traditional birthday party with presents of toys for the birthday girl, Lydia asked her friends to bring donations to help fund the $30,000 needed to build a playground at Free Hill Primary & Infant School, a rural elementary school in the mountains outside of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. She and her friends raised the $675 at the party but she invites others from across the nation to spread the word and help raise the needed balance.

“I wanted to help give the kids in Jamaica a playground like I have at school,” Lydia said. “It is so fun to play with my friends at recess and I wanted the kids there to know that kind of fun too.”

Lydia’s parents, John and Melissa Yarbrough, visited the school on a mission excursion while on the 2014 K-LOVE Cruise and shared pictures with their children upon their return. “We want our kids to be excited about spending time with their friends, and seeing that as a gift, not necessarily focusing on what they are getting,” Lydia’s parents said. “They have so much and we want to help them think of others and be generous leaders in taking care of those in need. We leave the results to God and He blows us away as He shows off and answers the prayer of an obedient heart.”

“It is overwhelming when a child sacrifices the worldly things they are accustomed to in an effort to help others they don’t even know,” said Gene Krcelic, President of the Premier Foundation. “Lydia’s desire to be unselfish stands as a shining example of how we should all live our lives, in generosity to others.”

The Premier Foundation is an international Christian non-profit organization committed to being a voice for the disadvantaged. They exist to love and serve the impoverished by meeting their physical, spiritual, educational, social and emotional needs; thus, empowering them to be agents of change in their own communities.

In addition to Jamaica, where the Foundation is partnering with the Issa Trust Foundation, the charity of Couples Resorts, Premier’s Adopt the Block program is currently working on projects in Mexico, Africa, Israel and in the United States.

For more information, contact Gene Krcelic
 at or 864-343-4297.